Monday, June 8, 2015

Make Money Using Amazon Affiliate - Grey Hat Method

Make money with amazon, grey hat method
Make money with amazon

Method 1 - Amazon on Craigslist

We are going to use Craigslist to promote used products from Amazon. The reason we pick used products is that Craigslist is a great place to find thousands of targeted buyers looking to buy used goods. You will rarely find people going to Craigslist to find a New product. This is one of the easiest methods to follow, but needs to be followed exactly as outlaid for easy success.

Before we start, I will assume that you already have an Amazon Associates account and a craigslist account. If you don't have these accounts, you must register for them now. If you are not sure how to register, please Google it out and you will find loads of information.
For Non-USA guys, you will have to buy a CL account from here: You can contact this vendor on Skype @ddonvonn for more details. You will also have to buy a VPN software that will enable you to login from a US IP address. One good software is: If you are unable to buy just google around and you will find them for free.

Step 1: Choose your product

We are going to pick a used product to sell on Craigslist. Head on to and search for used products that people would love to buy. Try and pick products where Sellers offer free shipping. Used products in the following categories sell really well:

  •  Mobile Phones
  •  Popular Electronics
  •  Home Appliances
  •  Power tools
Here's some more criteria to pick the perfect used product:
  •  The sale price must be at least $100
  •  Should be a popular brand
  •  Should have good customer reviews
  •  Should have multiple Sellers selling the product

Step 2: Create an affiliate URL

As an example, I've selected the product Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) and here's the link to the detail page of this product:
When you pick your product, you can replace B004ZLV5UE with the code for your product. This code is called the ASIN: Amazon standard Identification Number and is found on the product detail page of every product. Here's another pick:
B0082PT89E. The URL will be:

Step 3: Post a Craigslist Ad

Head on to Craigslist and post an ad for the product you just picked. The ad needs to be simple and to the point. You can use the condition note provided by the Seller on Amazon in your ad. In any circumstances DO NOT include your affiliate URL in your post or your craigslist account will be banned. You just have to provide your e-mail address so that the prospective buyers can contact you.
Here's an example of a decent ad for ASIN B004ZLV5UE:
"Title: Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black) for sale in great condition
The phone has been inspected by a well experienced technician and is guaranteed 100% functional and in good condition with minor signs of use. It comes in a generic white box with aftermarket accessories (headset, USB cable and charger).
Selling for $179.95 to get a quick deal. Will ship it for free anywhere in the US."
Only serious buyers need to contact.

Step 4: Replying to inquiries

Use this e-mail template to reply to your inquiries:
Hi {First Name},
Thanks for your interest in buying my iPhone 4S.
As noted in my ad, I would like to get a quick deal, but I also need a safe transaction for both you and me. So, I've listed the product on Amazon. Just go to this link and visit the Used offers section. There you can find an offer from Seller:
NuTwo, and that's me!
As you can see, I am shipping the product for free and I can ship anywhere in the US. Also, as per Amazon's terms, I will honor the 30 day return policy. This is a safe deal for both. Also, I can get the money safely deposited in my bank account directly - a win-win for both of us. :)
Hope you will buy the phone before someone else does!
{Your Name}

You can either use the above e-mail as a template or use your own. But, ensure you stress on the return policy factor and why you listed on Amazon. The key is ensure that you don't come across as an affiliate to someone. 

Some useful tips
  •  Don't post any images on the craigslist ad as it usually looks spammy
  •  Don't post any Amazon URLs on your craigslist ad
  •  The ad should appear as natural as possible
  •  Don't write a sales pitch to sell the product