Friday, February 20, 2015

How To See Facebook Private Chats [Tutorial]

how to see facebook private chats
Hack Facebook

- What is it?

It's a chrome extension that makes a backup of all fb chats, it records the chat whenever the url changes .. so you have a real time view of the chats.

- What you can do with it?

You can install it into boy/girlfriend,friends,family members, etc... browsers
If you have any RAT or similar you can also make a pre-install, here more info (i know the fb id it's a problem.. any suggestion?)

- Result?

Full access to all victim's chats in real time!
Persistent infection!
Really hard to detect by victims
You can easily see the chats from wherever you want by connecting the appropriate site

But let's start..

  1. As you know steal any private information is a crime, so try it with a fake/your facebook account. (read extension's terms)
  2. install the extension on the chrome browser. (IT IS NO LONGER FREE, due no donations..)
  3. potentially, if you sign in with victim's google account on google chrome the extension will be installed in all the victim's browser, or make a silent installation (registry installation) through your RAT
  4. once you have installed it, just surf on for a while like 10 sec.
  5. go to
  6. enter the facebook id of yours/of the victim
  7. Now you have access to all facebook chat, even in real time!!!
  8. In case you have some trouble, here is the official guide