Sunday, February 22, 2015

DarkComet RAT Remover

DarkComet RAT (aka Fynloski.A by Microsoft) could be a terribly advanced Remote Administration Tool that runs in background and has full access and power to a target laptop regionally or remotely while not the owner of the target machine knowing of its presence. it's thought of by most antivirus firms to be a Trojan or Backdoor.

This program permits everyone (possibly a hacker, company owner, consultant, etc.) to capture fully streaming the desktop and also the video from the digital camera. It will listen in on the mike, will grab the passwords and may transfer and manage files. and far additional. This actions may be dead remotely on one laptop or on many laptop at constant time.

DarkComet RAT Remover will detect every and any running version of DarkComet RAT in memory. It is very efficient and it can detect any DarkComet RAT version even if it is encrypted, packed (compressed), virtualized, obfuscated, etc. If DarkComet RAT is present and running DarkComet RAT Remover will find it and efficiëntly remove it. It also reverts changes DarkComet RAT made in the registry and remove every keylogger log.


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How it works
  1. Launch the removal tool, click on the scan button then wait few minutes because the more processes you have in memory longer the initial scan will need.
  2. If any running instance of DarkComet is detected you will see a notification popup that will advise you to clean the infection.
  3. Then simply click on “Cure threats” button.
darkcomet rat remover
DarkComet RAT Remover
This is what shows when it finds a RAT.