Friday, October 3, 2014

Fruit Ninja - New Redesigned Game Release

Halfbrick Studios has released what it is called the “biggest update ever” to Fruit Ninja. This is the popular game, which has garnered nearly 700,000 reviews on the App Store, And now it has been redesigned from the ground up with awesome new content, crazy gameplay elements and more.

At its core, all most all of the mechanics are still the same, the game is still about slicing fruit as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there are a lot of additions, such as new experience and currency systems, which are used to buy various upgrades and power ups.

Some Awesome Features

  • Awesome powers – Blades and Dojos in the game now add a unique twist to gameplay. Bonus powers, extra time, fresh surprises – everything changes the game, so experiment with your favorite combinations and take your score to a whole new level!

  • New menus – We’ve rebuilt everything! A new intuitive menu flow showcases the action, so it’s now even easier to get to where you need to be and slice that fruit!

  • Universe and characters – Welcome to the world of Fruitasia, which is home to many colorful characters! In this update please welcome Katsuro and Mari, joining Sensei, Gutsu and Truffles to guide you through the action! More characters will be added regularly!