Saturday, August 16, 2014

KazyCrypter - FUD 0/35 - Download

Okay, So ive searched on the internet for ages looking for a good FUD Crypter. Then I came across KazyCrypter - Cracked. I downloaded it and first try I got FUD 0/35 I was impressed so i decided to share it with yous.

free FUD crypter download
Kazy Crypter
Features :
  • Works with DarkComet
  • Process Presistence
  • Startup
  • Delay
  • File Pumper
  • Icon Changer
  • Assembly Cloner
  • Fake Message
  • File cloner
  • Antis
  • Binder
  • Extension Spoofer
  • Injection
Password :

Password is there because I dont want my file sharing host to distribute anything.
Thanks And share this post for more like this :)