Monday, July 14, 2014

Spreading With DarkComet [Tutorial]

This is a very effective spread method, This is likely Better than a good amount of the paid methods here. Being a ninja is bad.

This is for educational purposes only I personally do not condone this type of activity. Anything you might do with this tutorial I am not responsible. Using this method you accept the above statement.

Lets get started.

Step #0
Before any of this will work note that your server extension will need to be (.scr). I will try to explain the best I can. Extensions are at the end of every different type of file. They include .JPG, .mp3, .Exe etc. the extension (. scr) is the Extension for a screen saver file. I will now explain how to make the outcome of your server (.Scr).

When you compile your server It should somewhere in the builder of your server ask what type of file you want it saved as.


Save it as (. scr). If the program You're using doesn't have this feature and can only save as (. exe), then it is still achievable. however your crypter will need too have the option to save your stub as (.scr)

Step #1
Compile your server, whatever you might be using DarkComet, Blackshades, Cybergate. Whatever else you may be doing this with it will work.

Crypt your server, you want it to be FUD(Fully Undetectable) or as close to it as possible. Remember saved with the file extension .scr

Name your file something like iphonepic16, make it kinda tacky like a 18 year old girl would. Note we are going to be disguising this as a jpeg file. The name should have the type of name you would give a photo, you could also use IMG5034 or something.

Click the windows start button, where it says search programs and files type Character Map. Click and open Character Map.
Make sure your font is in Arial in the Character Map window, it should be this way by default but just incase. Scroll down the list Or search for character U+202E: Right-To-Left Override.

Click it, click select and then click copy. Ok so now that you have that copied to Your clipboard, go to where you have your (. scr) server that we made saved. The server is currently (thenameyouchose.scr) we want to put a space right before the (.scr). It should look like this (thenameyouchose .Scr). You want to paste the U202E character that we copied from Character Map right before the (.) in (. scr) If done correctly it should now look like this (thenameyouchose .rcs). If it doesn't then repeat The above because you done something wrong.


For this step you are going to need some sort of spoofing program.
Open up the spoofer, browse to your server that we have been working on. Now that we have the file we want, we need it spoofed. We need to type (JPG) In the desired spoof. Note I didn't say


(. JPG) is said type in (JPG)


Click save and you have successfully set up your server if it looks like this.

If you made it this far I just want to say goodjob your almost slave rich, Just a few more steps.

Now we are ready to spread. Our target? Any Type of perv that takes bait, most of them deserve it anyway.

Step #1
Create a Skype similar to that of a 18 year old girl. Put yourself in the perverts mind for a moment and think, make it something catchy. Set a picture, hide contacts, and whatever else you might want to on your profile.

Step #2
Open your browser and navigate to you will see a grid of chat rooms. The most popular seems to be adult chat. Note that you will be banned when spamming hard in the chat, so if you don't have a proxy or vpn take it slow.

Step #3
Type something catchy in the main chat something along the lines of. " 19/f/usa looking to chat with a guy, I am such a tease. Please Add me on Skype: your username I would maybe get on camera if convinced ". Contact requests will pour in. Get your server so you can just drag and drop it onto the new contacts in your Skype this will prompt them to download. I always do it in segments I add 5 people send it. Block them after they download or decline, Rinse and repeat.

Yahoo Chat Spreading:

Another great thing about the exploit we did on the server is we can now send it via yahoo. You need to download the U.S version of yahoo messenger. Sign in and in the top left corner of the messenger window select messenger then yahoo chat and join a popular room. Start to spam the same thing as above. When you receive a private message send them your server and exit the chat. Rinse and repeat. If you can handle 5 chat rooms, do it request will pour in and people will download the hell out of your server.