Monday, April 28, 2014

Google Glasses


The much-awaited release of the fancy device known as Google Glass is set to happen soon. The innovation was created by the search engine giant Google, which is finally releasing their controversial new gadget which is supposed to work with Android phones and iPhones. It is also a voice-controlled device.

The main goal for the creation of this device was to ensure that people can still use the internet even if they are walking or doing other activities. Their original plan branched out into several others, which led to the creation of a multifunctional device as an end result. However, since this concept has been put to life, only a few clients were able to get the piece of technology. The device was totally exclusive until now and was only released on an invitation basis. A few weeks ago, there was a public release but only for a limited amount of time.

According to the latest news, Google has paired up with Ray Ban, one of the world's biggest sunglasses producers. Therefore, we might be seeing Google Glass with Ray Ban frames soon, or Ray Ban glasses with integrated Google Glass. Aside from Ray Ban, Google has also partnered with Luxottica, the world's biggest maker of glasses, and Oakley. This will ultimately make the device more available as well as in several various brands.

This device is basically attached to the smartphone to maximize its utility, making it just like a continuation of your smartphone use. It has a metallic frame attached to it and the hardware is located on the side. It also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi. There are also plans to create a Google Glass 3G instead of using phones to connect the device.

The controversies surrounding Google Glass have not stopped a lot of people from buying one whenever there is an opportunity. It has an initial price tag of $1,500 and within this year the official and complete version of the device might be completed. It is also believed that a much cheaper version will be up for release soon.