Saturday, November 30, 2013

Man Rich With $27 Worth Of Bitcoin


In 2009, Norwegian student Kristoffer Koch decided to buy some bitcoin for fun. He spent 150 kroner ($26.60). His partner thought it was ridiculous for him to spend "real money" on "fake money".

Four years later, the offhand move has paid off: due to the soaring value of the virtual currency, Mr. Koch's purchase of 5000 bitcoins is now worth about 5 million kroner ($885,520).

Media coverage of bitcoin's meteoric rise prompted Mr. Koch to remember the investment, which he had completely forgotten about, according to NRK.

"I thought to myself, didn't I have something like that?"

Mr. Koch has cashed in enough of his bitcoins to acquire a flat in one of Oslo's richer neighbourhoods, and still has plenty left to spare.


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