Monday, November 18, 2013

Jailbreakers - Stay away iOS 7.0.4


The tech giant has so far dispatched four instalments of corrective upgrades for iOS 7, the latest of which reportedly kicks up the FaceTime app to further stability, Gotta Be Mobile said in a report. What was unleased is considered a minor fix yet according to iOS unlocker MuscleNerd, iPhone and iPad users can never be sure.

In his tweet, posted Nov 14, @MuscleNerd advised those waiting for the official Evasion iOS 7 jailbreak not to touch the 7.0.4 patch that Apple has let out. "Those at 7.x waiting for JB, maybe treat 7.0.4 as exercise in restraint," the hacker declares.

Yet quickly, he clarifies that: "Won't affect JB if you slip up, but test your ability to avoid it!"

Why the warning then when the update seems harmless for all jailbreak fans? MuscleNerd clarifies that technically, Apple releases updates to plug the iOS holes that Jailbreakers use as circumvents in unlocking the mobile platform.

Not only for the iOS 7.0.4 update, it is best not to chew in any software patch coming from Apple as the result may be irreversible, MuscleNerd adds.

"There's no going back (always worth saying that for sake of JB newbies)," the iOS hacker said on his separate Twitter post, also made on the same day.

The advisory, he stressed, equally applies for all iOS 6x and iOS 7 jailbreakers.

Waiting for now is the most prudent thing to do but how much more will the anxiety stretches before a relief finally makes a land fall? Team Evad3rs, at the moment, has been generally silent on when the iOS 7 jailbreak will become a reality.

The only assurance coming from the team is the occasional tweets, declaring that everyone is hard at work. But no definite time frame is being provided - no false hopes too for the millions who wish to squeeze more functions and enjoyment from their iOS devices.

Jailbreak watchers would like to believe that after some two months of tinkering with the iOS 7, Team Evad3rs is simply waiting for Apple to uncage the official iOS 7.1 update release. That way, any openings that the tech giant has closed will be restored to a jailbreak-friendly state.

So little bit more of waiting time means convenience to the delight of the iOS jailbreak crowd.

There were indications too that the jailbreak could arrive before 2013 ends. As mentioned above, that would depend on the iOS 7.1 release date. Should the software become red hot for deployment in the few weeks to come, then it should be a GO for Team Evad3rs.