Saturday, November 2, 2013

iOS 7 Teatherd Jailbreak

iOS7.0.2 not perfect jailbreak tutorial baked root-only version

iOS7.0.2 perfect escape when it estimated each apple players in addition to the latest generation of Apple devices expect, the biggest expectation is iOS7 perfect escape. The good news, is not currently iOS7.0.2 jailbreak has been achieved, but it only supports iOS 7.0.2 iPhone 4 jailbreak.Recently, a domain name is website, appeared above a "How to Tether Jailbreak iPhone4 on ios7.0.2" tutorial article, the following PP assistant Xiaobian to share about how to run through Opensn0w source jailbreak iOS7.0.2 System iPhone 4 tutorial.iPhone4 on ios7.0.2 "tutorial article, PP assistant Xiaobian below to share about how Opensn0w source running ios7.0.2 system iPhone 4 jailbreak tutorial.


 iOS7 jailbreak tired of waiting? Great God and a smoke bomb? Better to first try PP assistant genuine bar, waiting for escape of the day, there is an old friend of PP assistant on your side! PP assistant Genuine especially for non-jailbreak ios device to create, without Apple ID, without any cost, you can download massive Apple's official application store genuine Oh! [download] Please poke


[iOS7.0.2 not perfect jailbreak tutorial baked root-only version]  Authors AJhacks outset that the jailbreak is not perfect escape, ios7 system Mobile substrate and Cydia still compatible, but this method is limited to jailbreak iPhone4, and obtain the root (root) privileges.Jailbreak ready things, including Mac (OSX10.8) equipment, iPhone4 (iPhone3, 1ios7.0.2) and data lines.root) privileges. Jailbreak ready things, includingJailbreak process can be divided into the following major steps:1.Install Automake and Autoconf. (Install Automake and Autoconf)2.Cloneopensn0wfromgithub. (Got Opensn0w from GitHub source code repository)3.Install & BuildOpensn0w. (Opensn0w source installation)

4.Root & Install openssh. (Root and install OpenSSH)

5.Jailbreak!!!! (Jailbreak!!)Jailbreak!!!! (jailbreak!!)

6.Install Mobile Terminal and other debs. (Install Mobile Terminal and other deb package)

This six steps of writing a full, especially the first 4:00 considerable steps, concrete steps are not listed here, interested users can go to see. Technical Group [WEIP currently trying to streamline and modify procedures, attention can @ CDSQ, results later on how we look.



[iOS7.0.2 not perfect jailbreak tutorial baked root-only version]  Although ios7 jailbreak progress is not very ideal, but a moment of silence is likely to mean the next moment the outbreak. If the iPhone4 's A4 processor can successfully escape, then the other iPhone4 more devices including iPhone5c and iPhone5s perfect escape day is not far away. There is no perfect escape during this window period, users can download PP assistant genuine, top to free download massive genuine software.Translated by me but
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