Friday, November 29, 2013

iOS 7 Jailbreak News - Be Aware Of Fake Jailbreak

ios-7Eager jailbreakers and iOS 7 users have been making it clear on Twitter that they want a new jailbreak to be released - and soon.

People have growing more impatient with the Evad3rs after there still has been no word from the hackers regarding a potential new jailbreak, even with the incoming holiday season approaching faster than ever. It has now been more than two months since the new iPhones were released along with the new operating system, which has already been updated several times.

One Twitter user took a shot at the group by making a reference to one of the very few Evad3rs' tweets about the possibility of creating custom made hoodies that would represent the hackers.

"Maybe one day @evad3rswill release iOS 7 jailbreak and stop worrying about selling hoodies," jon (@blown) wrote on Monday.

Another user made fun of the Evad3rs by posting a picture of a calendar in the year 2057 while writing, "I found out when the iOS 7 jailbreak will be released."

One person made sure to add in the Evad3rs team members to a tweet while expressing his displeasure with the delay.

"I'm really disappointed with the delaying of the #ios7jailbreak to the public release of the iOS 7.1 @iH8sn0w @evad3rs @pimskeks," Omar Khaled (@omar_khaled21) said.

The delay has also bought time for fake jailbreakers to try and scam iOS users and others into purchasing an illegitimate jailbreak. The fake hackers have promised that they have cracked the code and that the new jailbreak has been made available, but none of this has been confirmed by reliable sources. Even worse, the scammers have even sent out press releases to media outlets.

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