Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GTA V - Ultimate Cheat App Android

It's no secret that the popularity of Grand Theft Auto series phenomenally great, but how was the fifth of the expected , was a revelation for many . However, when a game is going to charm Vice City, the updated location of Native Groove Street in San Andreas and almost flawless game engine , only remotely resembling GTA IV ... Add to this a terrific story, and see the game that has become a cult before its release . So much the better for the producers of additional content , even non-original - the demand for this business gastronomically high, and the most banal guide on the Android platform may well skaknut for first place in popularity . Today, we will not find out details of the event, but will show you two applications that compete with the rank of "the best assistant for GTA V». Get ready to blow!

GTA V Toolbox

Developer: GameGuideApps
Price: Free
Device: Acer Iconia B1 16GB
Link to Google Play: GTA V Toolbox

Exit numbering fifth and eleventh in fact GTA instantly aroused the desire to take it apart to screw. Oh sorry - such a massive game Rockstar did not do ever, and the excitement is understandable. A few days after the game for gold have been passed all the missions, most third-party tasks and achievements have been studied, and people traveled the countryside, swimming, flying, shooting and driving. There are guides, descriptions of missions and, heh, heh, spoilers, where the same without them. GTA V Toolbox contains all in equal proportions, or even more.

The application is divided into three equal parts and useful: missions, maps and cheat codes. It's all served in a pleasant and stylish appearance, adapted for the big screen, easy to operate.

Description missions represents a textual indication of what is necessary for the passage of jobs. The list includes both the main line of quests and random events, hidden baggage, robbery and so-called Money Glitch. Cheats - any pepper understand what it is and what it eats. In fact, the majority opinion, in any part of the GTA without the cheat codes play does not make sense, the author is not shared, though, to recognize a substantial share of fun it brings. Nice to feel like a king because of the whole city, changing the behavior of people, SPAWN cars and even tanks!

The main thing to remember is that the Cheetah - they rip receipt of achievements in the game session. The program also has a choice between the codes for the Xbox and PlayStation. Now - the main trump Toolbox, ie, map. It has two levels of detail, and the third, with the loading of the Internet. It shows all the events of luggage, fighting, jumping, notable player. Extremely comfortable and pleasant to approach it to the maximum, considering its way. Total - simple, easy and not too tricky application. It is highly recommended to fans game.

GTA V Guild

Developer: CCMakmal
Price: Free
Device: Acer Iconia B1 16GB
Link to Google Play: GTA V Guild

For example, pieces of the submarine scattered all over the island, but the fights at loggerheads occur exclusively in the city. Consequently, in the first case, we will show the entire game map in the second - only the part where the events occur. Once again not to decrease / increase the scale. Simple, but damn convenient. Oh, and when viewing, say, hidden swag, there is the opportunity to see their location on a separate image that will speed up the search. It is a pity that this joy is only available premium users.

Next - achievements, interactive map and check for 100% passing. The most fun is that the card is used in this paragraph is the same as that in the online browsing GTA V Toolbox, simply called differently.

The appearance of the program is more suitable, more atmospheric, the same text missions enjoyable read, and the number of points added purely out of convenience. In the end, the functional GTA V Guilde superior competitor who leaves at the expense of simplicity and convenience. So there's no winners, there are only two excellent programs that are useful and nice looking. Use and enjoy!

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